• Jackie Luo

Change the Way Organizations Manage their Physical Assets

June 11, 2018

Today, I want to share our big news: We are excited to announce that E-Innovative Services Group, LLC (E-ISG) has been acquired by AssetWorks LLC, a Volaris Group Company, part of Constellation Software Inc. We believe this move will further enhance our ability to provide innovative solutions and unmatched customer support that will continue to reduce the complexities of managing assets across their lifecycle. You can read more from this Press Release.

Seven years ago, when I realized how mobile technology will change the way organizations manage their physical assets, I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey. I joined E-ISG Asset Intelligence, a software company based in Baltimore, MD.

Together with my business partners and our growing team, we have been focusing on integrating the latest technology in Mobile, RFID, Cloud into our proprietary eQuip! Asset Management software. Our customers like what we have done with the solution, and they benefited from the new technology.  

I am grateful for having the opportunity to grow the business as I believed it would.

I owe many thanks to my partners, my team at E-ISG Asset Intelligence, and our customers across the United States and the world, for the dedicated support and trust in us.

The work we started will continue. I see many more organizations can benefit from the innovative solutions we have developed for managing physical assets.

I am excited that I now get to enjoy the journey with the support of our growing customers and the larger family in AssetWorks.

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